(Desiltation of upstream side of Cheruthuruthy Checkdam in  Bharathapuzha  in Thrissur District)     The work was executed by Irrigation Department under Government o Kerala.The contract for the work was awarded to M/s Bravia.P.M.S in Thrissur District for an amount of Rs 25814250/- ( excluding GST)


The site for the above work was handed over to the  contractor on 18.06.2020 and started the primary works. A site office was also constructed and functioning for the above purposes. For desiltation purposes , dredger was also set up at site. A total quantity of 15750 m3 sand and debris has to be removed from the site as per agreement. The desiltation process was started on 28.07.2020.The time of completion for the work was  6 months. But the contractor could not complete the work in the agreed time due to various reasons and TOC was extended up to 17.02.2021 and again up to 30.05.2021.But only 10000m3 of sand and debris was taken and stored in the yard near site office and removed. By the desiltation process the storage capacity of check dam increases and it useful for the near by Panchayath Vallathole Nagar and Shornur Municipality for drinking as well as Irrigation purposes.


A further quantity of 5750 m3 sand and debris has to be removed from the site. But sanction is got only for 10000m3 from the District Monitoring Committee. Hence work can be resumed only after  getting the sanction for removal of balance quantity of 5750 m3 from the District Monitoring Committee.